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It's Almost Tax Time Again

For most of us 2023 will hopefully be a year of normalcy and consistency, however, if shooting down spy balloons is any indication, that may not prove correct. Unfortunately, as part of the consistency theme, it is that time of year where we balance up with the tax man.

A busy bee in spring to get you motivated!

As many of you know, my wife and I have been building, and finally moved into, our new home in south Georgian Bay. As a result our address has changed and I am outlining the various options you have available to get your tax information to me this year, and hopefully for many years to come. Please feel free to choose whatever method is the most convenient to you.

The first option would be to send everything in electronic format (scanned documents and spreadsheets) via email or secure dropbox. If you are unsure of what documents I need to see, please feel free to email or call and ask.

The second option would be to mail or courier your information to my local address:

Wise CPA, Professional Corporation

41 Spruce Street

Tiny, ON L0L 1P1

The third option would be to mail or hand deliver to my business centre office in Burlington. Please note that the materials you drop off will be held securely by the staff at OnePlan Business Centre, but the documents should be addressed as below and secured in a sealed envelope. Any documents in loose folders run the risk of being lost or misplaced in their handling by any party involved. The address for the business centre is:

Wise CPA, Professional Corporation

℅ OnePlan Business Centre

5063 North Service Road, Suite 100

Burlington, ON L7L 5H6

If you would like to meet personally with me, I am happy to do so, but will require a specific appointment time with some lead time. We can make arrangements to meet at your home or place of business or at a meeting room at the OnePlan Business Centre.

I have also attached a copy of my 2022 Personal Income Tax Questionnaire (download here) that will serve as a guide in your assembly of materials that need to be sent for the preparation of your tax returns.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above I would be happy to set up a call or meeting to discuss them with you. Thank you for your continued and loyal patronage, I look forward to our continued relationship!

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